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~critical thinking~

Spreading misinformation that’s been going around since January 2012 is not going to help your cause, no matter what the cause is.

If you won’t listen to me, then have this. Know that the picture on the right is here, clearly labeled as being from January 4, 2012, which is during winter in the northern hemisphere, which is when most foliage dies, hence the reason the space image is brown. Know the image on the left can be found here, & is from June to September 2001— not only not from the ’70s, but during the height & leading end of summer, when foliage will be green. Know that an actual 1970s image of earth is here & it looks nothing like the quality of the image on the left. Know also that the middle of the North American continent, along with it being winter, is also primarily grassland & farmland, not forest, & so it’s pointless to claim that it shows deforestation. (I can’t believe people need to be reminded not only of topography, but of changes between seasons.)

I’m going to say it over & over: spreading misinformation does not help your cause. It makes you gullible at best, & at worst, untrustworthy.

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